Washing Machine Price In Afghanistan, New Washer Dryer 2023

Washing Machine Price in Afghanistan for 2023, All New Washers, Dryers, Spinners

Washing machine in Afghanistan is a necessity of every home, thus it is essential to research and choose the right model. 

There is no one-size-fits-all washing machine because the utility of a machine varies greatly depending on its use. The best washing machine for you will depend on a number of factors, including its type, size, features, ease of use, design, and, most importantly, price. 

As a result, if you don't know much about Afghanistan's washing machine market, choosing the right one can be difficult. However, don't worry; we're here to assist. 

Design-Based Types of Washing Machines in Afghanistan)

Based on their design, there are three main categories for washing machines:

Top Loading Washing Machine in Afghanistan:

Top-loading washers have large capacities, but when washing smaller loads, they use more water than is necessary. However, their low prices compensate for this in comparison to other available washing machines. 

Compared to front-loading or high-efficiency washing machines, top-loading models use less detergent. The majority of detergent is removed during the washing process rather than remaining on clothing after rinsing thanks to their design. 

Front-Load Washer in Afghanistan:

Because of their higher spin speeds, front-load washing machines can wash larger loads in a shorter amount of time and use less water overall, saving energy over time. It uses less energy than a top-loading washing machine, but it produces cleaner results. 

Additionally, they use gravity's tumbling effect to provide cleaner clothing. In this manner give a decent spot or rub to the garments to clean them well. 

Mini/Portable Washing Machine in Afghanistan:

These are basically foldable mini washing machines. In comparison to a standard washing machine, the motor is less powerful. In any case, it effectively washes garments particularly little child pieces of clothing.

Twin Tub in Afghanistan

Another Type is Twin Tub, having two drums for washing and drying.

Function Wise Classification)

Additionally, there are two primary categories of washing machines based on the feature:

Semi-auto Washing Machine in Afghanistan:

Top-loading capabilities are available in semi-automatic washing machines, which also have additional features like an automatic dispenser that lets users use detergent without having to add it to the container. 

It may have two separate compartments for spinning and washing. You can choose the mode of washing your clothes and set a timer. 

Fully Automatic Washing Machine in Afghanistan:

Washing, ringing, and drying are all performed with a single touch by fully automatic washing machines. Some cutting-edge appliances even include steam dryers, which use warm air to remove even the tiniest drop of water from clothing. 

In addition, some fully automatic washing machines use artificial intelligence to automatically determine the ideal washing conditions based on the type of clothes and load. 


The capacity of a washing machine, also called the room, is measured in kilograms. This indicates the amount of clothing that can be washed at once. Simply put, it is the same size as a washing machine's cylindrical drum. 

The following are the typical washing machine sizes in Afghanistan - 7 kg, 8 kg, 9 kg, 10 kg, and 11 kg. You should choose a machine size that fits your family's size. For clothes belonging to three to four members of the family, a washing machine that weighs 8 kg is typically the best choice. 

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