AC Price In Bangladesh, New Air Conditioners 2024

BDT 82,500
TCL TAC-12T3-Pro
TCL TAC 12T3 Pro
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Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh, New AC Models 2024

A common name for a cooling system is air conditioner (AC). After passing through wires containing cold refrigerant gas, the air is cooled by this cooling system.The heat exchanger, compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and other control parts that make this system work are all in the air conditioner.

On this page, PricesInfo lets you take a look at the various models, brands, and prices of air conditioners in Bangladesh and in your nearby cities. But first, let's look at how AC works fundamentally.

Basic AC operation.

The compressor is an air conditioner's beating heart.The compressor's gas temperature rises during compression and decreases during cooling before vaporization.Freon or R134a, which are non-toxic gases that do not readily burn or support combustion, are typically used as the working fluid.

An outdoor compressor/condenser unit and an indoor evaporator coil make up the most common type of air conditioner, or "split system."The gas loses more pressure than when it was a gas as it cools in the evaporator coil and turns back into a liquid;As a result, the refrigerant enters the evaporator coil after passing through a small valve and returning to the compressor, where it is compressed once more.

Air conditioner varieties in Bangladesh

There are a lot of air conditioners for both residential and commercial use on the market.These differ in terms of sound levels, power consumption, and cooling capacity.The following are some of the models that are used the most frequently:

Window AC in Bangladesh

These come equipped with both indoor and outdoor units that let cool air into your room before blowing it out again.The only drawback of this kind of system is that it is frequently installed in a window and tends to be bulky.

Split AC in Bangladesh

split air conditioners are the most common. It has a compressor and condenser in an indoor unit that connects to a separate outdoor unit via copper pipes.Cassette AC, Console AC, and other varieties are examples of these.

Cassette AC in Bangladesh

Although it takes up less space than conventional split air conditioning systems, this system is more difficult to install.While they tend to be more expensive than other options, they provide higher levels of comfort and reduce utility costs over time.

AC to DC inverter in Bangladesh

New technology known as DC inverter air conditioners uses a compressor that is driven by an inverter and adjusts its capacity in response to the temperature of the room.Because they provide cool air at lower power consumption levels, they are regarded as being more energy efficient.

Floor AC in Bangladesh

The most straightforward type of commercial air conditioner, floor standing air conditioners can be easily installed in a hallway or large room.They additionally offer great cooling limit and are not difficult to introduce contrasted with different frameworks like tape or split forced air systems.

Portable AC in Bangladesh

The smallest air conditioners on the market are portable air conditioners, each with its own set of special features.They don't need to go outside and can move easily because they have wheels. Discover the best SmartPhones and SmartWatches Pricing.

Here we named Latest Features of Air Conditioners in Bangladesh,

AC is wifi-enabled, iFeel function, Filters harmful bacteria in the air, Easy filter and self-cleaning function, Low-Noisw, Anti-Dust Filter, Turbo Cooling, Low Voltage Start & high voltage protection, and Advance Remote Control.

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