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gopro hero 12 2023

GoPro Hero 12 2023 is a new by GoPro, and Hero 12 2023 price is $549, on this page you can find the best and most updated price of Hero 12 2023 with detailed specifications and features.



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gopro hero 12 2023 Specifications




Hero 12


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Release Date

September 2023










32 MP

Video Setting

Scheduled Capture, Duration Capture, On-Screen Shortcuts, Touch Zoom, Protune, RAW Photo Capture (Time Lapse and Night Lapse Modes)


HyperSmooth 5.0 technology


GP3 Processor

Wireless Connectivity

Built-in; 802.11b/g + GPS + Bluetooth 4.1 LE



Audio Inputs

3.5 mm diameter; plug-in power supported)
HDMI output: Type C mini-pin HDMI connector


33ft (10m)


Rechargeable Li-ion Battery


Intuitive Touch Screen


Yes, 1.5 inches


Built-In Mounting with Folding Fingers, Superphoto+ HDR, HyperSmooth 5.0 Video Stabilization, TimeWarp 3.0 Video, Live Streaming in 1080p, Webcam Mode, Face, Smile, Blink, + Scene Detection, Slow-mo, Voice Control, Microphone

GoPro Hero12 Rumors Round-Up, Everything we know so far

The GoPro Hero 12 rumors have begun to gain some traction; therefore, why is this intriguing and what might the new camera provide? Well, the brand of action cameras could possibly go one step further by introducing a new 360 with better software integration. We noticed that the GoPro Max app experience needed improvement and that editing footage used to be a bit laborious.
A number of images that could be used as a starting point for each frame or angle are shown in a recent GoPro patent application. This will be done in software for editing, and it would make the whole nightmare of editing with 360-degree cameras go away without a hitch.
It is stated in the application: A scene capture, such as a wide-field of view scene capture, may be included in a video. A framing of the captured scene might be provided by punching out the video. The context of the video can be used to determine the punchout, such as the type of captured scene, the motion of the image capture device that captured the video, or the motion of one or more things in the captured scene."
According to the patent application's rather cryptic abstract, GoPro is developing software to assist in selecting which scenes' frames to keep or edit into your wild, action-packed videos. Using all of the 360-degree footage and condensing it into unique angles to create a "flat" video that can be viewed without a 360-degree viewing device could also be possible with this approach.
Similar to the recently announced Insta 360 drone camera, this is a lot. Nevertheless, I believe that this software could be made available and incorporated into the subsequent version of the GoPro Max 360 camera. After the 360-degree video has been taken, most of this would be done in software. However, if you want a video of a higher quality than, say, 1080p, GoPro would need to introduce a 12K 360 image. Although this would certainly set it apart from its rivals, there is currently no indication that this will occur.
Video quality:
At 25 or 30 frames per second, the GoPro Max can currently record 5K video and 5.7K photos, or 4992 x 2496. I would like to see 12K introduced in order to deliver a 4K "flat" video in high resolution.
Time lapse:
Since the GoPro Max currently lacks a slow-motion setting, it is losing out to Insta 360 and other 360-degree cameras. Even if the GoPro Hero 12 only supports 1080p, I'd like it to have at least a 100 fps mode.
Better dynamic range:
When compared to rivals from Insta360, the GoPro Max's lack of dynamic range makes for an overall worse image than one might expect from a GoPro product, even though the footage from the GoPro Max may appear to be excellent when viewed in isolation. The new Hero 12 would be a successful product if it had greater dynamic range and better control over highlight roll off.

GoPro Hero 12 Release Date:

GoPro Hero 11 Black has launched in September 2022. If it follows the track, the successor GoPro Hero 12 will release in September 2023. But still, there is a probability of GoPro Hero12 announcement anytime in 2023 (even in the first half of year).

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