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leica m11-p

Leica M11-P is a new by Leica, and M11-P price is $9,690, on this page you can find the best and most updated price of M11-P with detailed specifications and features.



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leica m11-p Specifications

Showcasing the groundbreaking Leica M11-P, a revolutionary digital camera designed to safeguard the originality and integrity of digital photographs. Pioneering the integration of Content Credentials directly into images as they are captured, this cutting-edge camera is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that ensures authenticity, trust, and transparency in the realm of digital content.

Unrivaled Content Credentials Integration

The Leica M11-P is the first camera to embed Content Credentials, the industry's most widely accepted standard for verifying the authenticity of online content, directly into every image. This unique feature guarantees that each photograph maintains its original form and prevents unauthorized alterations, providing a comprehensive and tamper-evident record of the image's history. Additionally, the camera's built-in secure metadata complies with the open-source Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) standard, ensuring transparency and accountability in digital content.

Secure Metadata and Digital Signatures

Incorporating essential information such as the photographer's name and the capture date, the embedded metadata also logs any modifications made to the image, thereby establishing a secure and traceable record of the photograph's origin. Moreover, each image is bestowed with a Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) approved digital signature, further enhancing the overall credibility and authenticity of the visual content.

Trustworthy Source Verification

The Leica M11-P features a unique chipset specifically designed for storing digital certificates from the esteemed German Federal Printing Office, guaranteeing the ability to verify the source of every photograph captured with the camera. This state-of-the-art system not only enhances the credibility of digital content but also reinforces the trustworthiness of the Leica brand.

A Collaborative Effort for Industry-wide Adoption

Leica has collaborated with industry leaders, including Adobe and a diverse global community of nearly 2000 members comprising NGOs, tech companies, academics, and media organizations. This collaborative effort aims to promote the widespread implementation and adoption of Content Credentials, ensuring a secure and trustworthy digital environment for creators and consumers alike.

A Testament to Trust and Authenticity

Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Leica Camera AG, emphasizes the significance of this innovation, stating that the integration of Content Credentials reaffirms Leica's commitment to establishing trust in digital content and solidifies Leica cameras as authoritative tools in documenting pivotal world events.

Santiago Lyon, representing Adobe's Content Authenticity Initiative, expresses excitement for Leica's pioneering efforts, recognizing the significant impact this integration will have on the future of photojournalism and creative endeavors. This development will empower photographers and creators to assert their digital rights, combat misinformation, and ensure the authenticity of their work, thereby fostering widespread adoption of Content Credentials.

Seamless Activation and Verification Process

Activating the Content Credentials feature is simple and convenient, accessible through a dedicated menu option on the M11-P. Once activated, a distinctive Content Credential logo appears on the display, ensuring that every image captured is automatically equipped with an unalterable proof of its origin. Free CAI tools are readily available to inspect these certificates, providing users with the necessary information to verify the originality and authenticity of their photographs.

Uncompromising Performance and Specifications

The Leica M11-P retains the exceptional specifications of the renowned Leica M11, featuring a high-performance 60MP BSI CMOS sensor, Triple Resolution Technology, and a Maestro-III processor. Additionally, it boasts an impressive 256 GB internal memory, ensuring ample storage capacity for capturing and storing high-quality images without compromise.

Exquisite Design and Finishes

Exuding elegance and sophistication, the Leica M11-P is available in two luxurious finishes, including matte black aluminum and silver chrome brass. Distinguished by its refined design, the camera forgoes the iconic red Leica badge in favor of the manufacturer's name engraved on the top plate, showcasing a subtle yet distinct aesthetic departure.

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