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dji mini 4 drone 2023

DJI Mini 4 Drone 2023 is a new by DJI, and Mini 4 Drone 2023 price is $569, on this page you can find the best and most updated price of Mini 4 Drone 2023 with detailed specifications and features.



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dji mini 4 drone 2023 Specifications

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Mini 4


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Folded: 145×90×62 mm
Unfolded: 171×245×62 mm
Unfolded (with propellers): 251×362×70 mm





1/1.3-inch CMOS

Max Ascent Speed

5 m/s (S Mode)
3 m/s (N Mode)
2 m/s (C Mode)

Max Decent Speed

5 m/s (S Mode)
3 m/s (N Mode)
1.5 m/s (C Mode)

Max Speed

16 m/s (S Mode)
10 m/s (N Mode)
6 m/s (C Mode)

Max Flight time 

34 mins (with Intelligent Flight Battery
47 mins (with Intelligent Flight Battery Plus

Max Hovering Time

30 mins (with Intelligent Flight Battery, no wind)
40 mins (with Intelligent Flight Battery Plus

Max Flight Distance

18 km (with Intelligent Flight Battery 
25 km (with Intelligent Flight Battery Plus


4K: 3840×2160@24/25/30/48/50/60fps


Faster charging, GPS + Galileo + BeiDou Global Navigation Satellite System and 2.4 GHz Transmitter Power 


2453 mAh

DJI Mini 4 Rumors Round-Up, everything we know so far

As we know the DJI Mini 3 has been unveiled, rumors are already started for the DJI Mini 4. 
Features of the DJI Mini 4, What we might want to see
Obviously, it's difficult to speculate confidently, as organizations like DJI will generally stay quiet, however we can discuss things that would make the inevitable DJI Mini 4 a really convincing gadget.

Connectivity to 5G:

One of the most frequently requested features is 5G connectivity; Skyryder, a user on the MavicPilots forum, wishes for "both midband and millimeter wave."
We concur because this would significantly extend the range available for controlling the drone and receiving real-time video. In addition, there would be less latency and less potential for interference.

a longer flight duration:

It is extremely challenging to increase flight time without also increasing weight because flight time limits are largely determined by the drone's weight. As usual, the issue here is legality.
Because the current DJI Mini 3 Pro weighs less than 249 grams in stock, you won't need to register it as an aerial vehicle, making the purchase and use of the drone significantly simpler.
Therefore, if DJI intends to extend the flight time of the DJI Mini 4, they cannot simply install a larger battery and call it a day. However, the DJI Mini 4's battery density is always increasing, so we might see a significant increase in flight time without tipping the scales too much depending on when it is released.
Keep in mind that the DJI Mini 3 Pro's lack of registration requirement is one of its primary selling points. We are uncertain as to where the DJI Mini 4 fits in DJI's lineup if that is not the case.

DJI Mini 4 Release Date:

To catch up Mini 3 as a successor, DJI Mini 4 is most probably to launch in the second quarter of 2023.

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