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xiaomi smart tower heater lite

Xiaomi Smart Tower Heater Lite is a new by Xiaomi, and Smart Tower Heater Lite price is $115, on this page you can find the best and most updated price of Smart Tower Heater Lite with detailed specifications and features.



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xiaomi smart tower heater lite Specifications

The Xiaomi Smart Tower Heater Lite is an advanced heating solution designed to provide rapid and efficient warmth during the winter season. With its powerful 2000W heating capacity, it can quickly raise the room temperature within 3 seconds of activation, eliminating the need for prolonged waiting periods. Its wide-angle oscillating ventilation system ensures an even distribution of warmth throughout the room, thanks to the 70° wide-angle frontal air supply.

Equipped with an intelligent temperature control system, the Smart Tower Heater Lite maintains a comfortable room temperature between 22–28°C. This feature, combined with NTC temperature sensors and a built-in thermostat, allows for efficient energy conservation while ensuring optimal warmth.

The product offers four distinct heating modes, including Constant Temperature Mode for maintaining steady warmth in larger spaces, Hot Mode for extreme cold conditions, Warm Mode for milder weather, and Natural Mode to enhance airflow within the room. This diversity of modes ensures flexibility to meet various heating preferences.

Controlling the Smart Tower Heater Lite is convenient, allowing users to operate it remotely using voice commands or a smartphone through the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app. Despite its powerful heating capabilities, the heater remains compact, lightweight (2.2kg), and easily portable, featuring a built-in handle for effortless mobility.

With a noise level of just 41dB(A), the Smart Tower Heater Lite operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable environment. Safety features are paramount, as the product includes a thirty-second cooldown time, protection against overheating, a mechanism to prevent tipping over, and a child lock to ensure the safety of users and their families.

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