All New Air Coolers Price In Saudi Arabia For 2024

List of New Air Coolers Price in Saudi Arabia for 2024, How to buy the best Air Cooler in Saudi Arabia, Complete buying Guide

An air cooler in Saudi Arabia is often the first thing (besides air conditioner) that comes to mind when you think of a low-cost cooling device. It's great because it uses less power than other cooling systems and works quietly. Tower coolers, portable coolers, direct-drive fan systems, and other types of air coolers exist. Depending on your requirements, each type serves a purpose.

Air Coolers can be used for business, like in offices, to cool the air inside during hot summer days. In addition, it provides a pleasant working environment with fresh air, shielding occupants from the extreme heat of the outdoors. When you buy an air cooler, this guide will help you make a better decision.

How does an Air Cooler work?

The air cooler uses evaporative cooling to make cold water vapors from its moistened pads, which make the air around it more humid. To put it succinctly, an air cooler is a device that humidifies and lowers the temperature of the air.

Even though there are a lot of different kinds on the market, they all use electricity in the same way. allow us to view their sorts.

Air Cooler Types in Saudi Arabia

Air Cooler can be categorized primarily into following types:

Room Cooler in Saudi Arabia

Nowadays, these kinds of air coolers are becoming increasingly popular. They can be used inside rooms thanks to their excellent finishing and plastic body. Therefore, they are known as room coolers.

A brand-new Honeycomb cooling pad took the place of the previous khus system in these coolers. These cooling pads can last between five and eight years. They drink less water and give more cool air than a Lahori cooler. They are 80% more proficient than standard cooling cushions as they don't obstruct or become droopy.

They can move flaps manually or automatically and have a variety of speed settings, among other features. There are many different kinds of room coolers. Additionally, they come in window and tower designs.

Tower Air Coolers in Saudi Arabia

They are small coolers for rooms. They make significant space savings without affecting the water tank's capacity. They have every feature of a typical air cooler for a room.

Window Air Cooler in Saudi Arabia

They are designed to take the place of older Lahori window coolers. They're in cubicles. Most of the time, the air intake part is out of the room through a window to get fresh air into the room.

Mini/ Portable Air Cooler in Saudi Arabia

It is a DC air cooler with two fans, one on top and one on the bottom. It has a filter that soaks up water, and these wet filters let air through. It has extra features like ambient lighting and is powered by a DC power supply that is close to 12 volts. You can choose to adjust the speed.
Because the filters are merely water absorbers, they operate at a much slower speed than other coolers and require chilled water in the tank.

Latest Features of Air Coolers in Saudi Arabia

The industry of air coolers is undergoing a lot of development. The following are a few of the most recent innovative features that enhance the performance of your air cooler.

Solar Working / Solar Air Coolers

Scarcely any coolers accompany a pre-introduced sun powered unit. They are mostly made to be used outside. Wherever they are placed in the sun, they would use solar power rather than electric power.

Icebox Storage Space

An icebox has begun to be included with many air coolers. Ice bricks that can be reused and sealed may or may not come with these iceboxes. The icebox container, which is typically located at the top, can also be used to store regular ice cubes.

Remote Control

A remote control is available on only a few of the most recent air cooler models. An IR remote controller makes it simple to control their speed.

Considerations While Purchasing an Air Cooler in Saudi Arabia

Air cooler in Saudi Arabia is accessible in various sizes and details as per the quantity of individuals it can oblige. Depending on their dimensions, body material, water tank capacity, and other factors, larger air coolers are more energy efficient. When buying an air conditioner, there are a few things to think about.

Size that is large enough

More modest air coolers work productively however are just reasonable for little rooms with less individuals. So pick an air cooler as for the size of your room. The formula for determining the air cooler's CFM has already been explained.

Quite mode/Noiseless

Propellers with air coolers make a lot of noise, which is frequently unsettling. Metal or tough plastic are used to make the fins that propel the fan. They have an aerodynamic shape so that you can go as fast as you can. The fan will be quieter the larger it is. The noise is also affected by the material. Plastic fins make more noise than metal ones.

ACs have also been replaced by inverter DC inverter technology. A great deal of houses are moving towards a total sun based arrangement. Solar power is also an option for inverter air coolers.

A sizable water tank

If you buy an air conditioner with a larger water tank, you can rest assured that you won't have to refill it as frequently. On the other hand, an air conditioner with a smaller water tank will need to be refilled more frequently, which will make it difficult to sleep at night and will increase the cost of running the appliance over time.

Distance Thrown by Air

The majority of customers also want the cooler's air throw. Choose the one with the greatest air throw and highest speed. Usually, the box doesn't say anything about it. Therefore, select the one whose fan blades are angled high. The range of cool air is greater the higher the angle.

Maintenance of the Air Coolers in Saudi Arabia

For better performance, an air cooler needs regular maintenance. To avoid bacterial growth or germs, which could be harmful to your health, you should wash the pads after a while and clean its water tank.
It is essential to check the Air cooler's components for water leaks if you have young children at home. Otherwise, they might get sick because the container's water usually has bacteria in it.

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