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samsung 1 ton ac 2024

Samsung 1 Ton AC 2024 is a new Air Conditioners by Samsung, and 1 Ton AC 2024 price is $429, on this page you can find the best and most updated price of 1 Ton AC 2024 with detailed specifications and features.



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samsung 1 ton ac 2024 Specifications

Samsung, a leading brand in the world of home appliances and electronics, has once again impressed with its latest release, the 1 Ton AC 2024. This air conditioner is designed to provide efficient cooling and energy savings for medium-sized rooms.

One of the standout features of the Samsung 1 Ton AC is its sleek and modern design. The unit is compact and easy to install, and the intuitive controls and user-friendly interface make it simple to operate. Additionally, the AC comes with a remote control, allowing you to adjust the temperature and settings from across the room.

But the Samsung 1 Ton AC is more than just a pretty face; it also includes advanced features to improve the overall air quality in your home. The AC also has an energy-saving mode, which automatically adjusts the temperature to reduce energy consumption and lower your electricity bill.

Another great thing about this AC is its multiple fan speeds. With the ability to adjust the fan speed, you can customize the cooling to your comfort level. This feature is especially useful during the hot summer days, where you can set the fan speed to high to cool down the room quickly and then lower the speed to maintain the temperature.

In terms of energy efficiency, the Samsung 1 Ton AC has a high energy efficiency ratio, which helps to reduce energy costs and minimize the environmental impact. This AC is also equipped with a smart inverter compressor, which automatically adjusts the cooling power to match the room’s temperature, further reducing energy consumption. Additionally, the AC has a sleep mode feature that adjusts the temperature during the night to match your body's natural temperature changes, ensuring a comfortable sleep without wasting energy.


Air Conditioner




1 Ton



Release Date



Wall Mounted AC

Cooling Capacity

12000 BTU



Heat and Cool


Quiet Operation





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