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sony alpha 7cr

Sony Alpha 7CR is a new by Sony, and Alpha 7CR price is $2,930, on this page you can find the best and most updated price of Alpha 7CR with detailed specifications and features.



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sony alpha 7cr Specifications

Introducing the Alpha 7CR: Redefining Photography with Unmatched Precision and Portability

Captivating Detail, Unparalleled Performance

Experience the epitome of visual brilliance with the Alpha 7CR, meticulously crafted to deliver awe-inspiring imagery. Powered by a cutting-edge 61MP Exmor R image sensor and the advanced BIONZ XR processing, every shot is infused with unrivaled clarity and detail, ensuring your creations stand out in a league of their own.

Steadfast Stability, Flawless Shots

Say goodbye to blurry images! With its integrated 5-axis optical image stabilization, the Alpha 7CR guarantees pristine, shake-free captures, allowing you to seize every moment with impeccable precision and clarity. The result? Crisp, professional-grade photographs that exceed expectations, no matter the conditions.

Elevated Vision, Fluid Realism

Step into a realm of seamless visualization with the high-resolution XGA OLED electronic viewfinder, offering a buttery-smooth display at a remarkable 120fps. Whether you're capturing fast-paced action or intricate details, this feature ensures you never miss a beat, bringing your subject to life with unparalleled clarity and fluidity.

Intelligent Innovation, Unmatched Versatility

Unleash the power of innovation with the Alpha 7CR's AI-based Auto Framing, Focus bracketing, Focus Map, and Flicker suppression capabilities. Seamlessly adapt to diverse shooting scenarios and capture the essence of every moment, all while effortlessly staying ahead of the curve with the latest in intelligent photography technology.

Seamless Simplicity, Boundless Creativity

Embrace the freedom of creativity without the burden of bulk. Weighing a mere 514g to 515g, the Alpha 7CR remains your steadfast companion, effortlessly accommodating various E-mount lenses and ensuring you never compromise on your artistic vision. Unleash your creativity without limitations and capture the world as you envision it.

Cinematic Brilliance, Effortless Elegance

Embark on a journey of visual storytelling with the Alpha 7CR's impeccable 4K video shooting capabilities and support for S-Log3, offering an expansive dynamic range that breathes life into your cinematic endeavors. Elevate your narrative with the richness of S-Cinetone color science, delivering a mesmerizing visual experience that captivates and inspires.

Intuitive Control, Seamless Operation

Embrace a seamless shooting experience with the Alpha 7CR's user-friendly touch screen, customizable dials, and premium viewfinders, offering intuitive controls that adapt to your unique style and preferences. Unleash your creativity with unparalleled ease and efficiency, making every moment behind the lens a journey of pure inspiration.


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