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sony burano 8k full-frame cinema camera

Sony BURANO 8K full-frame cinema camera is a new by Sony, and BURANO 8K full-frame cinema camera price is $28,000, on this page you can find the best and most updated price of BURANO 8K full-frame cinema camera with detailed specifications and features.



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sony burano 8k full-frame cinema camera Specifications

Welcome to the immersive world of filmmaking with the Sony CineAltaB (BURANO) 8.6K Full-Frame Cinema Camera. Let's embark on a hands-on journey to explore the features and functionalities that make this camera a true game-changer for cinematographers.

1. Ergonomic Design: As you pick up the CineAltaB, you'll immediately notice its thoughtfully designed, ergonomic body. The compact form factor ensures a comfortable grip, allowing for extended shooting sessions without compromising on control.

2. Stunning Visuals with 8.6K Full-Frame Sensor: Power on the camera, and the 8.6K full-frame sensor comes to life, promising exceptional image quality. The visuals are nothing short of breathtaking, capturing every detail with clarity and depth. Prepare to be amazed by the cinematic potential in your hands.

3. Intuitive Menu Navigation: Navigate through the intuitive menu system on the vibrant touchscreen display. The user-friendly interface provides easy access to a myriad of settings, allowing you to customize your shooting experience with just a few taps.

4. Dual Native ISO and 16-Stop Latitude: Experience the adaptability of the CineAltaB in various lighting conditions. Switch between the dual native ISO settings (800/3200) effortlessly and explore the impressive 16-stop latitude, ensuring your footage remains detailed and vibrant in any environment.

5. Versatility in Shooting Modes: Toggle between full-frame and Super 35mm formats seamlessly, adjusting settings to your creative preferences. Capture in stunning 8K at 30p, fluid 6K at 60p, or slow-motion 4K at 120p – the possibilities are as diverse as your imagination.

6. AI-Powered Autofocus for Precision: Engage the AI-powered autofocus, designed for fast and accurate subject recognition. Experience the thrill of capturing high-speed moving subjects with precision, thanks to the advanced smart chip technology within the camera.

7. Electronic Variable ND Filter: Experiment with exposure control using the electronic variable ND filter. Easily adjust the filter from 0.3 to 2.4, adapting to changing light conditions without the hassle of external filters. Witness seamless exposure control during lens changes without compromising on the depth of field.

8. Lens Compatibility for Creative Freedom: Explore creative freedom with support for both PL lens mount and E-mount lens groups. The CineAltaB opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to choose the perfect lens for your vision. The thinner electronic variable ND filter and optical anti-shake structure contribute to the camera's versatility.

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