All New Water Cooler Prices In Japan For 2023

Usha Aquagenie+
JPY 7,548
SP 4080s
Usha SP 4080
JPY 31,080
Usha SP150150G
JPY 51,652
Usha SP170400NC
JPY 73,408
Usha SS170400NC
JPY 81,696
Usha SP170400NC
JPY 73,408
Usha SS150150G
JPY 38,628

List of New Water Coolers Prices in Japan for 2023, How to buy the best Water Coolers in Japan, buying Guide

A straightforward yet efficient method for keeping your water cool for longer while you are out and about. or warm, despite the fact that the insulation is just that—insulation—and may be suitable for either temperature. There are many sizes of water coolers across Japan, so choose one that fits your family's or individual needs. a useful item for the event.

The first step toward modern storage methods for keeping water hot or cold. Made of plastics or steel and aluminum, the water cooler. Between two layers of plastic or metal, an insulation layer can easily keep water cold for nearly a day. Because the insulation acts as a barrier, the temperature is less affected by the temperature outside.

Water Cooler Sizes in Japan

Available in a variety of sizes, including camping/picnic sizes that can hold several people and smaller ones that can hold just one or two litres and be used in a day by a single person. These smaller sizes are also easy to carry because they are attached to a strap, making them popular among schoolchildren. Because the larger coolers have a larger mouth, you can also fill them with water and ice and store juice boxes or cans inside to keep them cool. Additionally, larger water coolers feature a carrying handle to facilitate easier transportation.

Consideration for Japan's people

Since BPA can have an effect on the health of people who drink water from such containers, it is best to purchase coolers made of plastics that do not contain it. Although there is evidence that the effects are minimal, it is preferable to be safe. It could be harmful over long periods and depending on each person's body chemistry.

User Reviews of the Water Coolers

In Japan, summers bring heat waves and extremely hot weather. You can't deny the fact that people are more likely to purchase cooling items like water coolers, water dispensers, refrigerators, etc. during the hot summer months. These things are in high demand right now, especially during this time of year, and we'll talk about one of them today.

There are water coolers in Japan that can also filter the water, which is very helpful for keeping the water cool for a long time.

Why to buy a Water Cooler in Japan (Advantages)

There are too many benefits to list. These water coolers really help keep water cool for a longer period of time. Additionally, these water coolers are portable.

Why not to go for a Water Cooler in Japan (Drawbacks)

The vast majority of the Water coolers are less helpful in light of the fact that there are numerous allocators accessible on the lookout. In addition, Japan is home to very few high-quality water cooler manufacturers.


When it comes to the availability of water coolers in Japan, the local market makes it simple to find them. If you have any desire to have them close to home, then you can likewise arrange them online from various online shopping sites in Japan.

Water coolers in Japan are significantly less expensive than water dispensers. Price can vary from one quality to another and even from one capacity to another.

In conclusion, home water coolers are beneficial. They are very effective in the hot summer because they can keep water cool for a longer period of time. The Water Cooler can keep cool water for a longer period of time if you put cool water inside of it.

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