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xiaomi mijia ultra-thin cross refrigerator 521l

Xiaomi Mijia Ultra-Thin Cross Refrigerator 521L is a new by Xiaomi, and Mijia Ultra-Thin Cross Refrigerator 521L price is $410, on this page you can find the best and most updated price of Mijia Ultra-Thin Cross Refrigerator 521L with detailed specifications and features.



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xiaomi mijia ultra-thin cross refrigerator 521l Specifications

Introducing the Mijia Ultra-Thin Cross Refrigerator 521L by Xiaomi, a breakthrough in refrigeration technology that combines space-saving design with top-of-the-line cooling performance. With its innovative features and smart connectivity, this refrigerator is a must-have for modern households.

At its core, the Mijia Ultra-Thin Cross Refrigerator 521L redefines convenience with its 521-liter capacity, offering a spacious 341-liter refrigeration compartment and a generous 180-liter freezing area. Crafted with a sleek 63cm depth, this refrigerator seamlessly fits into any kitchen, eliminating the need for extra space for heat dissipation, thanks to its advanced heat dissipation system.

The eye-catching ice-feather white natural texture panel not only enhances its aesthetics but also ensures easy maintenance, as it is oil-resistant and durable. Equipped with VIP vacuum insulation technology, this refrigerator maximizes insulation effectiveness without compromising on space. Its embedded hinges allow for a 90-degree door opening, even when placed flush against the wall, optimizing space and ensuring effortless access.

Embrace the future of refrigeration with its intuitive smart connectivity, granting you control over temperature and modes via the high-definition color touchscreen, the Mijia App, or voice commands through the Xiao Ai assistant. Experience uniform cooling with the 360-degree air cooling circulation system and efficient energy usage with the dual variable frequency technology, achieving Grade 1 energy efficiency.

Enjoy unparalleled flexibility with adjustable shelves and a reversible tray, as well as the convenience of rapid ice-making capabilities and a detachable door seal for effortless cleaning. Say goodbye to odor mixing, thanks to the meticulously crafted separate storage zones for refrigerated and frozen goods, catering to diverse tastes and preferences within the family.

Discover the premium mother and baby zone designed specifically for delicate food storage, alongside the super freeze function, ensuring quick freezing while preserving the nutritional value and taste of fresh meat. Elevate your kitchen space with the luxurious natural stone texture panel, showcasing not just functionality but also an elegant addition to your home. Welcome the future of refrigeration with the Mijia Ultra-Thin Cross Refrigerator 521L.

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