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huawei smart screen v5 85-inch

Huawei Smart Screen V5 85-inch is a new by Huawei, and Smart Screen V5 85-inch price is $2,520, on this page you can find the best and most updated price of Smart Screen V5 85-inch with detailed specifications and features.



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huawei smart screen v5 85-inch Specifications

Presenting the Huawei Smart Screen V5 85-inch – an unparalleled fusion of cutting-edge technology and immersive entertainment. Powered by the formidable Honghu 900 chip, boasting 4T NPU computing power, this smart screen redefines visual excellence. With lightning-fast support for 1080p to 4K in seconds, the Huawei Smart Screen V5 delivers an unrivaled viewing experience.

Crystal Clear Visuals

The Honghu 900 chip conducts in-depth frame analysis, intelligently enhancing picture details with precision. Revel in the brilliance of noise reduction, deburring, edge sharpening, and a host of optimization functions that bring every frame to life.

Intelligent Dynamic Picture Compensation

Tailored for TB and sports enthusiasts, the self-developed intelligent dynamic picture compensation algorithm supports up to 4K 120fps. The Huawei Smart Screen V5 ensures a fast and smooth viewing experience, capturing every nuance with the Honghu Clear Light Control Pro technology.

Scene Analysis and Subject Recognition

Immerse yourself in the three-dimensional and transparent picture output, thanks to the combination of scene analysis and subject recognition technology. The SuperMiniLED intelligent dynamic light control offers real-time pixel-level object recognition, making every moment vivid and lifelike.

Eye Protection and Natural Color Display

Experience the Huawei Smart Screen V5's commitment to viewer well-being with low blue light automatic brightness adjustment and natural color display. The giant 85-inch screen supports Honghu Qiguang Brilliant Master Edition display technology, minimizing eye strain while delivering breathtaking visuals.

Anti-Glare Technology

Enhanced for optimal viewing, the screen is equipped with anti-glare technology. A special coating disperses incident light, reducing reflections and ensuring a glare-free, captivating display.

Revolutionary Interaction with Lingxi Pointing Remote Control

The Huawei Smart Screen V5 introduces the world’s first absolute pointing interaction with the Huawei Lingxi pointing remote control. Operate the screen like a giant phone, utilizing mobile applications with seamless precision and convenience.

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