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samsung s95d qd-oled tv (glare free)

Samsung S95D QD-OLED TV (Glare Free) is a new by Samsung, and S95D QD-OLED TV (Glare Free) price is $2,099, on this page you can find the best and most updated price of S95D QD-OLED TV (Glare Free) with detailed specifications and features.



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samsung s95d qd-oled tv (glare free) Specifications

Samsung S95D QD-OLED TV, a revolutionary display that redefines your viewing experience. Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, proudly presents a cutting-edge television that eliminates noticeable reflections, ensuring an unparalleled Glare Free experience. The TV boasts a specialized hard-coating layer and surface coating pattern, preserving optimal viewing angles and preventing color distortion, making it perfect for any lighting conditions.

Unleash the brilliance with the S95D QD-OLED TV – Samsung's brightest OLED screen ever. With sizes available up to a whopping 77 inches, immerse yourself in a cinematic journey with stunning visuals and vibrant colors. The 144Hz refresh rate takes entertainment to the next level, offering an exceptional gaming experience with smooth motion and responsiveness.

Verified by Pantone for AI-powered color accuracy, the S95D QD-OLED TV ensures lifelike and true-to-source colors. All of this is elegantly packed into an ultra-thin 11mm body, complemented by the convenience of Samsung's One Connect Box, decluttering your entertainment setup.

Running on the latest version of Samsung's proprietary Tizen OS, the TV provides a seamless and intuitive user experience through your Samsung ID. Embrace the future with HDR10 and HDR10+ support, enhancing contrast and detailing for a more immersive viewing experience.

For those who seek a similar performance without the Glare Free finish, Samsung presents the S90D OLED TV, a slightly cutdown option that maintains the flagship model's exceptional features.

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