New Heaters (Space, Electric, Gas) Price In Bangladesh For 2024

Latest Heaters Price in Bangladesh for 2024, Price List of All New Heaters in Bangladesh including Room Heaters, Space Heaters, Gas & Electric Heaters

Bangladesh's heating technology has advanced rapidly in recent decades. In ancient times, people used to heat themselves by lighting fire to wood, which is still the cheapest way to heat a home. Things got better as time went on, and we were given gas and electric heaters, which were better for the environment than burning wood. There are also cheapest gas and electric heater in Bangladesh for budget friendly consumers.

Also, People of Bangladesh became aware of eco-friendly and effective heaters. Therefore, Pricesinfo offer a variety of heaters. With such a lot of assortment any client can get confounded in regards to what to purchase, so here we will give you a brief into every warmer kind and their price ranges in Bangladesh. In the end, we'd also give advice on how to save cost on the heater.

There are various types of Heaters in Bangladesh as follows:

Electric Heater in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, electric heaters are the most popular choice. The completely eliminates gas burning-related accidents and adverse health effects. They are ideal for quickly heating interior spaces and effectively utilizing electricity.

Gas Heater in Bangladesh

Although Electric heaters are the choice of most, some people prefer to go for gas heaters.
The plate structure determines the sizes of gas heaters. These are specialized heating plates that are capable of holding the heat for a longer period of time. The construction incorporates a solitary plate, 2 plates, and 4 plates.
Typically, they have a metal frame with pilot and heating modes. Connect your gas terminal and use a matchstick to light it up. They are more expensive than standard electric heaters due to their robust construction.

Hybrid Heater in Bangladesh

Even if the gas stops for a moment, the gas heater will quickly fill your room with natural gas. Using a hybrid heater that uses both gas and electricity is the only viable option.
Because electric ignition automatically detects gas load shedding, these heaters protect you from the risk of gas load shedding. The room's hot air is evenly distributed by a fan. They actually consume oxygen yet are much more secure than gas warmers.

Fan Heaters in Bangladesh

The centralized heating of halls and large rooms with a fan heater is a common application. They sometimes emit a burning plastic odor and use at least 1000 watts. Because of low quality norms, fan warmer cost in Bangladesh is vigorously reliant upon their body. Plastic used in low-priced fan heaters is typically of low quality. That is the reason we suggest you actually take a look at the nature of the plastic rather than the fan speed or capability before you buy one.

Ceramic Heater in Bangladesh

They supply you with naturally heated, odorless air. They have ceramic stones inside, unlike fan heaters. Air is blown backwards by a blower, and as it passes through the heated stone, it heats up. Despite their high price, they deliver high-quality airflow.

Carbon Tube Heater in Bangladesh

The most energy-efficient heaters are carbon heaters. Their temperature can be changed by a carbon rod. Even at 100 watts, they can operate.

Quartz Heaters in Bangladesh

Outdoor heating is the primary application for quartz heaters. A quartz tube made of melted natural quartz crystals is in their possession. A solitary quartz pole can keep going up to 2 years and use around 400 watts.

Halogen Heaters in Bangladesh

They function in the same way that quartz heaters do, but the halogen gas tubes make them more effective at warming. They last longer than quartz tubes, but they aren't as bright as quartz heaters. Halogen heaters cost slightly more than quartz heaters because of this.

Oil Heater in Bangladesh

They are also known as radiator heaters and are prevalent in homes where individuals do not wish to transport heaters. neither want a gas combustion solution for heating nor have a heating duct in their ceiling. Because they don't burn anything, these heaters are great for the bedroom. Instead, they rely on mineral oil and the electric power supply. Without posing a risk to your health, the oil in the reservoir heats up and radiates its thermal energy throughout your room.
After gas combustion, they are typically the most effective heating solution. Tilt power cut-off and automatic temperature control systems are two effective safety features of oil heaters.

Heater Buying Guide for Bangladesh's people

Through long while of selling experience, our master exhortation generally assists our purchasers with reducing their quest for a reasonable radiator. so they can save money on heaters' initial and ongoing costs in Bangladesh.

Determine Purpose of Buying Heater

Your need for a heater is satisfied. For instance, some individuals desire a heater for their workspace or office. If that were the case, the first option would be a small electric heater.
We frequently encounter outdoor heater requirements; This requirement is met by a Quartz heater. This is how a space heater has been used in numerous open-seating restaurants. However, due to its intense heat, we recommend a patio heater if the space is quite wide.

Go for Energy Saving

Room heaters for television lounges and bedrooms are frequently requested by individuals. That would be eight to nine hours of continuous work. Carbon heaters are our recommendation in that case. At this point, it is the heater that uses the least amount of energy and can run on 100 watts.

Environmentally Friendly Heaters are Better Choice

Many individuals need an affordable warmer that doesn't dirty their current circumstance as they need it only for individual use. They could purchase standard infrared heaters available across offline and online stores in Bangladesh.

Size Matters

Always think about the space where you want your heater to adjust before you buy. Due to the house's dedicated artificial furnace space, some individuals prefer large heaters, while others require portable heaters that are small. Additionally, we received a few inquiries regarding a battery-operated portable fan heater. However, due to their rapid battery drain, we do not recommend using those.

Pricesinfo Recommendation

An Electric Heater for Bangladesh's consumers would come out on top in a fair comparison. It uses less energy, warms your home in a shorter amount of time, is better for the environment than any other option, and takes up less space. In addition, they have significantly more advanced operations and additional safety features.

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