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lg artcool gallery air conditioner 2023

LG ARTCOOL Gallery Air Conditioner 2023 is a new Air Conditioners by LG, the price of ARTCOOL Gallery Air Conditioner 2023 in Saudi Arabia is Saudi Riyal- 5,550, on this page you can find the best and most updated price of ARTCOOL Gallery Air Conditioner 2023 in Saudi Arabia with detailed specifications and features.

Price in Saudi Arabia

SAR 5,550

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lg artcool gallery air conditioner 2023 Specifications

A 27 inch Digital Art Frame Working as Air Conditioner

LG ARTCOOL Gallery Air-conditioner offers a DUAL Inverter Compressor, Quiet Operation, Powerful Heating, and Changeable Photos. It comes with a Manufacturer's warranty.




ARTCOOL Gallery Air-conditioner



Release Date

December 2022






Cooling and Heating


Cooling Capacity



DUAL Inverter



Operating Modes




Condenser Coil


Remote Control


Technology Used


Performance features

Indoor Noise Level

20 decibels

Panel Display

27-inch LCD Display

Indoor Temperature Indicator


Turbo Mode




Power features

Power Requirement


Power Consumption


Other Power Features


Body and design features

Evaporator Fin Type


Condenser Fin Type


Air flow and filter features

Auto Air Swing


Other Air Flow Features

3-way indirect airflow

Air Circulation


Anti-bacteria Filter


Dust Filter


Remote control features

LED Backlit Buttons


Night Glow Buttons


Battery Type


Other Features


Convenience features

Auto Restart


Quiet Mode




Sleep Mode


Memory Feature


Self Diagnosis




White and Black


Metal and Aluminum








LG Artcool Gallery Air Conditioner First Impression and Quick Review

In contrast to the majority of wall-mounted air conditioners, LG's Artcool Gallery had a distinctive square and flat design that extended and angled out from the wall to open vents that facilitated cooling and airflow.
LG has unveiled the most recent version of its Artcool Gallery air conditioners. These units now feature a 27-inch square LCD panel on the front, which eliminates the need to physically swap artwork in and out and makes it easier to change the displayed images using the ThinQ mobile app from LG. LG says that "users can select from a growing range of gorgeous, static, and animated images," but the screen of the air conditioner can also be used as a huge digital photo frame that cycles through user photos. Can it also function as a television, streaming content? The aspect ratio of one to one is not ideal for that, and LG would much rather encourage customers to purchase a separate television.
Using a dual inverter compressor that contributes to the reduction of white noise, the Artcool Gallery is also adept at conditioning the air. Although LG claims that the appliance has "3-way indirect airflow" so that it does not blow cold air directly at someone standing in front of it, the lack of front-facing vents is more of a design flaw than a feature. The only real way to get air out is through the sides.

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